Best Computer Tablets for Seniors – Features to Look For


Tablets today are not only suitable for replacing desktop computers by providing the same computing power and versatility – the best computer tablets for seniors are also able to accommodate the special, hearing and vision-related requirements of seniors. However, the wide range of tablets available today make the choice difficult, so here are a few aspects to consider when selecting the best tablet for senior people.

Simplified Interface


Many elderly people are reluctant to use modern technology, so in order to make usage as comfortable as can be, tablet manufacturers have come up with devices that use straightforward interfaces. These great, senior-friendly devices feature interfaces with large, easy to understand and easy to use functions and buttons and easy to understand, step-by-step videos that explain how to use the unit’s functions and features. Many tablets designed for seniors also include 24/7 integrated tech support to help users solve the problems they encounter, so these tablets are suitable for seniors with very limited or no tech skills.


Physical Features


A good tablet for seniors is large, but lightweight – the screen needs to be large because many elderly people find it difficult or uncomfortable to use small screens and it needs to be lightweight to make it easy for the owner to carry it around without causing physical pain or discomfort. Many elderly people use their tablets for watching videos and films as well as for reading newspapers, magazines and books, so going for the largest possible screen is very important for these activities as well.


Tech Features to Look for


Seniors usually use only a limited number of functions – maybe your mom likes to surf on the internet, but she will never download a new app, maybe your dad will communicate with you via video chat, but he will never send an email. When choosing the device, it is very important to take into consideration the future user’s preferences, but there are some features that are generally useful:


  • A good camera – seniors love taking pictures, so make sure you get the tablet with the best camera available. It is important for making video calls enjoyable, too;
  • Good speakers – this is also important and not only for communication. Many seniors love listening to music or to the radio and tablets are great for making these activities enjoyable, too;
  • Extended battery life – the more the unit to able to run on one charge, the better. Many seniors find it difficult to check the charging level of the battery all the time, so pay special attention to this feature.


The Platform

Before purchasing the device, try to figure out what operating system would work best. If you and your parent’s friends use Android-based devices, the tablet you get for your parent should also run on Android, but if you use units that run on iOS, make sure your parent’s device is compatible with that as well – using the same platform will make the learning curve less steep and troubleshooting easier as well.


To sum it all up, the best computer tablets for seniors are large, lightweight, the screen is bright and capable of high resolution, the speakers deliver sound that is crisp and loud and it runs on the platform that you and your parent’s peers use – if you bear these aspects in mind, you will surely make the best choice.