Best Brands of Drum Kits for Sale

drum kits for sale

When you already have basic information about drum kits, you may also know some of the most popular names in the industry, which produce quality and durable models. Best brands of drum kits for sale include Yamaha, Gretsch, Tama, Mapex, Ludwig, Premier or Pearl.

The more information you have about the instrument you buy, the easier your choice will be, even if you do it for the first time. And if you are not decided yet, some opinions about the best drums can help you make a decision that you do not regret. Read on and learn about a few representative models.

Yamaha is clearly in the top, providing lots of drum kits, with each part being carefully designed and manufactured to sound as clear as possible. Yamaha drums also have useful functions that make their use very convenient and comfortable.

  • If you prefer a set of digital drums, the Yamaha DTX-522K is an excellent choice.

This model strengthens the brand`s reputation. It has digital elements, being suitable for adults who want to purchase a silent and modern instrument, to practice without disturbing their neighbors. The Yamaha DTX-522K is a set that features all kinds of drums needed to get diverse sounds and is equipped with plenty of useful features that make the playing experience more enjoyable. Even if it is expensive, this model is worth buying, considering its quality. Being a digital model, its functions are also important. The most useful ones include: the metronome (from 30 to 300 bpm), the tempo tap, the connection to the PC with a USB cable and the use of headphones. There are also applications that will allow you to learn and practice, so you can improve your skills as quickly as possible.

  • If you want a set of acoustic drums, Yamaha Rydeen Standard Hot Red or Yamaha Gigmaker GM0F51 Blue Ice are some of the best models of the brand.

They will definitely offer you a classic but enjoyable experience, because they include the most important types of drums and cymbals, so you can reproduce a lot of sounds. Considering that we are talking about a set of acoustic drums, you will make a lot of noise while practicing, so make sure you have a proper space where you can safely use this drum set.

  • For beginners, Gretsch offers some great instruments.

Gretsch Energy GE1-E605 is a drum set that has been rated by buyers as one of the best acoustic drums for beginners, with a basic construction consisting of a large drum (20 x 16 “), a small drum (14 x 5.5) “), a floor tom (14 x 14”), other two different sized toms (10 x 7 “and 12 x 8”) for rhythm diversity and two cymbals, putting the apprentice in front of a complete setup, ready for playing.

Thanks to the complexity of the composition, this model is also useful for a beginner musician in a band that seeks to diversify its repertoire and performance. The sound is balanced and strong, a bit higher due to the size of the components, and the brand-quality membrane (Groetsch) supports the elements during fast movements.