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In Pursuit of the Magic Mushroom: Where Do Psychedelic Mushrooms Grow in Nature?

where psilocybin mushroom spores grow nature

Although magic mushrooms can be purchased and owned in some parts of the country, it’s usually very rare to find them in good quantities and good enough quality. The synthetic version of the hallucinogenic compound they contain is still very expensive, and growing mushrooms at home can be a pretty tedious prospect.


The idea of actually finding magic mushrooms on your own is, therefore, far from being impractical. As long as you live near one of the areas where they can be found, and you have the time and knowledge to search for the right mushrooms, you should easily be able to find them.


Where Do They Actually Grow?


Mushrooms containing psilocybin mushroom spores are found in many places throughout the world. There are more than 200 species of Basidiomycota mushrooms which actually contain the hallucinogenic compound in various doses, and they can be found throughout the world in places like North, Central and the northern part of South America, as well as certain parts of Europe and Asia.


The largest concentration of psychedelic mushrooms can typically be found in Mexico, the east and west coast of North America, various areas in France, Germany and the rest of Western Europe, as well as Brazil, Venezuela, India, Australia, Southeast Asia and Japan.


The distribution is of course uneven, and you won’t find all the species in all of these places. In fact, only about 100 different species of psilocybin-containing mushrooms will be found in a consistent manner in the countries mentioned above, and many of the species are in fact very rare.


Keep in mind that magic mushrooms are not legal to own in many of these countries. Currently, they have only been legalized in a few states within the United States, as well as by countries like Brazil and Jamaica. As a result, it’s important to research the legality of these mushrooms before you go looking for them in another country.


The Importance of Safely Identifying the Right Mushrooms


You’ve probably heard some stories about people actually ending up in the ER or dying as a result of ingesting the wrong type of mushroom. This isn’t uncommon, and the stories are likely not exaggerated. The fact of the matter is that identifying the right mushrooms can be difficult, and it requires a trained eye to do so. As such, if you don’t yet have enough knowledge and experience to properly tell safe psilocybin mushrooms apart from poisonous ones, then it’s better to just stick to buying them.


It is very important to spend as much time as possible gathering knowledge about the physical characteristics of the mushrooms and how similar they can be to some of the more dangerous ones. To safely distinguish them, you have to know their exact physical properties, the locations where they are more likely to grow and the fine details that make them different from other species of mushrooms that might be unsafe.


Gathering this knowledge should help you out a lot in your pursuit to find the ideal, naturally occurring psychedelic mushrooms of your choice. With time and patience, you will learn to distinguish them and to find the ones that are actually safe.

DNA Nutrition Test Services and Why They Are So Great

Modern science has made DNA testing available not only for the purpose of establishing ancestry – many companies today have taken scientific achievements to the next level, offering them as a tool to transform our lifestyle with the help of the DNA nutrition test.

DNA tests use samples taken from an individual’s saliva, hair, skin or blood to map the person’s genetic configuration. The analysis has been widely used to establish kinship as well as for determining the illnesses that the tested individual is likely to develop and now it is used for determining the foods and the ingredients that can positively or negatively impact the person’s metabolism and with it, their body weight and overall health.

How the Testing is Done

Like any DNA test, the tests made in order to come up with the right diet also need a DNA sample. To make the process easier and more comfortable, DNA testing companies offer their clients home DNA kits with which the sample can be collected in an easy and comfortable manner, by the client, in their home. The sample is then sent to the company where it is tested for dozens of biological markers. The test results are then used for creating the nutrition plan tailored to the client’s unique genetic configuration.

dna nutrition test

What the Test Will Reveal

The DNA test performed for determining the perfect diet will reveal information related to the client’s metabolism, to the ingredients that are likely to boost or to slow down their metabolism as well as to the rate at which certain essential nutrients are absorbed. Your test will provide accurate information about your metabolic rate, the rate at which your body absorbs certain important vitamins, such as vitamin B12, C and D, data related to the metabolism of iron and Omega fatty acids, the way your body is affected by the most common stimulants, such as caffeine and alcohol, your body’s way to process dietary fat, your body’s fat-to-muscle composition as well as information pertaining to the fat gene.

Some Practical Details

The first step in the process is to order the home DNA testing kit from the company of choice. The kit that you receive will include the instruction manual with simple and easy to understand guidance, the swab that you will have to run inside your cheek to collect the sample and usually a prepaid post bag in which you have to send the swab back for testing. The analysis usually takes a few weeks and it is done with sophisticated laboratory methods. The results are evaluated by experts in genetics, nutrition, fitness and health and you will receive the results in the form of recommendations.

Some companies provide not only testing and evaluation, but further consultation with nutrition experts, personalized meal plans and home-delivered meals as well, but the price that you pay for the kit, for the testing and for the evaluation usually does not include the consultation and the prepared meals.

The diet elaborated for you with the help of the DNA nutrition test usually costs a couple of hundred dollars – not a very substantial investment, but definitely one that is worth it.