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How To Verify Colorado Wholesale Tobacco Suppliers And Determine If They Are What They Pretend To Be?

The supply chain of the products that you buy from stores is based on the distribution process, which goes from the manufacturers to the consumers, through middlemen: wholesale suppliers, distributors, retailers.

Wholesalers make high-volume purchases from manufacturers or distributors and then resell the products, mostly to retailers, for a slightly higher price.

How to determine if your wholesaler is genuine?

Considering that there are so many wholesale tobacco Colorado suppliers and that stock sales and liquidations happen very fast, you must be sure that you choose to work with a valid and reliable wholesaler, able to make great stock offers that you can take advantage of. This is why you must consider doing a security check that will help you start your collaboration under good  auspices.

  • Use online research tools – Check your wholesaler with the Better Business Bureau, type its name into Google and check some of the provided results, or consult special websites specialized in keeping track of scammers. Yes, some so-called wholesalers are scammers indeed, and if you do not verify them, your business will not be legally protected. Pay attention especially to foreign wholesalers for which there is only little support in English
  • Speak with the individual or a company’s representative and ask for full company details, including registration number, tax ID, bank details and contact information. Verify this information before concluding a sale and make sure it is valid. Wholesale suppliers must be registered with the Department of Commerce with a unique number that can be checked at the state’s administration office.
  • Make sure that your wholesaler accepts payments via Letter of Credit, otherwise walk away. For large purchases, Paypal and Western Union are definitely not an option.
  • Use common sense and stay away from so-called wholesalers that offer unbelievably good prices. Avoid deals that sound way too good to be true.
  • Make sure that your wholesale supplier sells authentic branded products instead of copied versions or surplus quantities illegally
  • Check reviews and ask for customer referrals – Reliable Colorado tobacco wholesale suppliers value the business relationships with their clients, know the importance of good reviews and should be able to provide you customer referrals (including names and contact information) about different aspects of their collaboration.
  • If possible, start gradually and avoid making a very large purchase right from the first time. Ask for discounted samples or test units before purchasing in large volumes. Not only they will allow you to appreciate your collaboration with your wholesaler, but you can also have the chance to test the quality of the products and the way they will sell in real conditions.
  • Last but Not least, make sure to clarify the return policy and know exactly when to expect the delivery.

Neglecting to make these verifications means going into deal blind, which translates into big risks involving money and credibility loss. But with a little effort, you will surely find many suppliers that can turn into good business partners.