What are the Best Wildflowers for the Rocky Mountain Region?

One of the best choices you can make to have a gorgeous garden is to plant wildflowers! By giving the impression of wildness, of unrestrained freedom, they will make your garden look beautiful and original. In addition, they are very easy to care for, so you will not have to worry too much about them. Find out everything you need to know about the best wildflowers for the Rocky Mountain Region from the article below.

Wildflowers can be truly amazing, and their aspect wipes that impression of perfect garden layout and design that may actually spoil the natural beauty. Some people, in their intimate space, want to relax instead of feeling as if they are walking into an impeccable plant museum. But the supreme advantage of wildflowers is that they do not require too much of your time: being accustomed to growing up in open spaces, where no one cares about them, they will not become a burden. Most wildflowers do not require special soils, nor too much water or excess fertilizer.

However, there are certain things you need to do, just to make sure your garden located in the Rocky Mountain Region remains healthy and beautiful yearlong. One of the most important is to choose your meadow mix flowers according to the climate in the region.

Climate in the Rockies

The climate is temperate, oceanic type, being nuanced by the contribution of the Pacific Ocean and a part of the warm oceanic current Kuro-Shivo. Towards the coast, the precipitations are abundant; they pass of 3000 mm annual average, whereas on the plateaus within mountains they do not exceed 350 mm.

The mountainous system of the Rockies is of great importance in the formation of the American Chinook Foehn wind which, in a single day, can raise the temperature from -20 degrees to + 20 degrees in the marginal lands, that is in the prairies. However, dramatic decreases in temperature may also occur in the northern part of the Rocky Mountain Region. In general, the temperatures are typical of an alpine climate, which obviously causes the development of an alpine flora, and forests at lower altitudes.

meadow mix

How do you choose wildflowers for your garden in the Rocky Mountain region?

The advice of specialists is to opt for wildflower species specific to your area and altitude. Do not focus only on the ones you like, as they may be incompatible with the soil you have in the garden. You should also takes into account the available space you have, as many species grow large enough to annihilate the most delicate ones.

A few suggestions you can use to create your own wildflower garden:

  • Colorado Blue Columbine or Rocky Mountain Columbine (Aquilegia coerulea)
  • Heartleaf Bittercress (Cardamine cordifolia)
  • Splitleaf Indian Paintbrush or Rosy Indian Paintbrush (Castilleja rhexiifolia)
  • Fireweed or Great Willow Herb (Chamerion angustifolium)
  • Sego Lily or Mariposa Lily (Calochortus nuttallii)
  • Common Gaillardia or Blanketflower (Gaillardia aristata)
  • Bitter Root (Lewisia rediviva)
  • Wild Blue Flax or Prairie Flax or Lewis Flax (Linum lewisii)
  • Cushion Phlox (Phlox pulvinata)
  • Subalpine Buttercup (Ranunculus eschscholtzii)

How To Find The Best Software For Scheduling

Whether you are providing services for customers, such as catering, health care, beauty care, fitness, cleaning services, you are engaged in production or your organization is large and needs extensive scheduling to organize shift work and meetings, finding the best scheduling software is essential for making your organization’s operations as efficient and as streamlined as possible. However, the abundance of the available software options makes the choice increasingly hard, so here are some of the aspects that you can consider and evaluate to make the final choice easier.

online scheduling software

Easy Usage

This feature is a no-brainer – the best online scheduling software for scheduling is one that does not need lengthy and complicated instructions, a solution that anyone can figure out at a glance. Easy to understand steps and a user interface that works smoothly are very important.

Integration and Syncing

If you are already using some sort of digital calendar in your company, either through your preferred email client or through a separate, cloud-based solution, choosing a scheduling solution that integrates with what you are already familiar with makes the scheduling and track-keeping process comfortable and will reduce or considerably reduce the risk of errors.

Analytical Tools

Many scheduling software packages include analytical and statistical tools that allow you to see how efficiently your meetings are conducted, how efficiently your conference rooms and meeting rooms are used and lots of other useful information.

The Number of Calendars Managed

Whether you are planning to use the scheduling software for streamlining your internal operations or you are offering the services of multiple professionals on your website and each of them needs a separate calendar, make sure to know exactly how many calendars your software needs to manage. Many solutions offer the management of a certain number of calendars for free, others specify exactly how many calendars are included in their specific subscription types.

Notifications and Reminders

You will also need to figure out the best way to receive notifications about upcoming appointments to everyone involved – the customer or the client as well as the professional providing a service or the manager expecting a meeting to start. Many solutions offer the option to send notifications via text message as well as via email.

Repeat Schedules

If you use the scheduling software for managing shift work, the option to repeat a specific schedule already entered into the system with the push of a few buttons might be a useful and important functionality. The functionality might be useful if you provide services, too – many beauticians and hairdressers, for example, have customers who like to come at the same time each week or each month.

Payment Module

Many scheduling software packages offer the option to integrate a credit card payment management module as well. Many of these tools are able to handle multiple credit card types through modules that can be easily integrated with your corporate website.

Check Out the Demo

The best way to test that feature is by testing the demo version of available software packages – most products can be tries for a couple of weeks without any obligations.


Explaining Why the Quality of Surgical Instruments is Important

Medicine has evolved enormously over the last century and this has been noticeable especially in the medical procedures that have emerged. However, almost the same thing happened with medical instruments. It is hard for us now to imagine how it would be if doctors would not have all that instruments to investigate and treat the conditions we suffer from… Probably the situation would be as bad as if we would have no drugs. Not being able to put into practice the things you can do because you lack the instruments is just as bad as not knowing how to do it.

surgical tools

Surgical instruments in particular are extremely varied, from all points of view. Most of them can be used only by a specialist. We refer here to cutting instruments, instruments for exposing tissues and organs, instruments for suturing and more. Normally, an ordinary person has nothing to do with them and they are not even available on the regular market.

The surgical instruments are made of special materials, which is why they are quite expensive. But the medical act depends greatly on the quality of these materials. Surgical instruments must be purchased from reliable providers to ensure that you receive the quality you need. Specialists must not compromise on quality, as it can affect their performance and the patient’s condition.

A surgeon who works with scissors that do not cut cleanly, uses clamps that do not grip properly or does not sterilize their instruments sacrifices the quality of medical care and the safety of the patient, who may undergo longer surgery, longer recovery and unnecessary trauma (internal and emotional). Surgical instruments are designed for great precision; precision is almost impossible to achieve without adequate surgical assets.

Some instruments are disposable, but others may be used for a longer period provided they are disinfected, sterilized, inspected and properly maintained.

Let’s see in what these operations that are so important in maintaining the qualities of surgical instruments consist of.


Before the disinfection process begins, the instrument must be clean – remove traces of any substance remaining on the instrument by rinsing it with softened water to prevent deposits of washing agents.

Surgical tools can be disinfected in two ways: chemically and thermally.


  • Use automatic equipment with vacuum pump (autoclave type) that steam-sterilizes at 121° C or 134° C.
  • DO NOT process the instrument in hot air sterilizers.
  • Use the sterilization equipment`s controls / indicators to check the sterilization process.
  • Use accessories recommended and accepted by the manufacturer of the sterilizer.
  • Make sure the sterilization bags are correctly placed (paper on paper and plastic on plastic); select the appropriate sterilization program for each load.


  • Examine each surgical instrument carefully for any cracks, dents, deformations and functional defects. Particularly check the active areas, such as blades, tips, handles, blockers, locks, as well as the moving parts.
  • After each cleaning, check by testing the surgical instruments for their basic properties: fastening, cutting, fixing etc.
  • Instruments with malfunctioning, worn, corroded, deformed or damaged in other ways must be replaced with new ones.


Best Brands of Drum Kits for Sale

drum kits for sale

When you already have basic information about drum kits, you may also know some of the most popular names in the industry, which produce quality and durable models. Best brands of drum kits for sale include Yamaha, Gretsch, Tama, Mapex, Ludwig, Premier or Pearl.

The more information you have about the instrument you buy, the easier your choice will be, even if you do it for the first time. And if you are not decided yet, some opinions about the best drums can help you make a decision that you do not regret. Read on and learn about a few representative models.

Yamaha is clearly in the top, providing lots of drum kits, with each part being carefully designed and manufactured to sound as clear as possible. Yamaha drums also have useful functions that make their use very convenient and comfortable.

  • If you prefer a set of digital drums, the Yamaha DTX-522K is an excellent choice.

This model strengthens the brand`s reputation. It has digital elements, being suitable for adults who want to purchase a silent and modern instrument, to practice without disturbing their neighbors. The Yamaha DTX-522K is a set that features all kinds of drums needed to get diverse sounds and is equipped with plenty of useful features that make the playing experience more enjoyable. Even if it is expensive, this model is worth buying, considering its quality. Being a digital model, its functions are also important. The most useful ones include: the metronome (from 30 to 300 bpm), the tempo tap, the connection to the PC with a USB cable and the use of headphones. There are also applications that will allow you to learn and practice, so you can improve your skills as quickly as possible.

  • If you want a set of acoustic drums, Yamaha Rydeen Standard Hot Red or Yamaha Gigmaker GM0F51 Blue Ice are some of the best models of the brand.

They will definitely offer you a classic but enjoyable experience, because they include the most important types of drums and cymbals, so you can reproduce a lot of sounds. Considering that we are talking about a set of acoustic drums, you will make a lot of noise while practicing, so make sure you have a proper space where you can safely use this drum set.

  • For beginners, Gretsch offers some great instruments.

Gretsch Energy GE1-E605 is a drum set that has been rated by buyers as one of the best acoustic drums for beginners, with a basic construction consisting of a large drum (20 x 16 “), a small drum (14 x 5.5) “), a floor tom (14 x 14”), other two different sized toms (10 x 7 “and 12 x 8”) for rhythm diversity and two cymbals, putting the apprentice in front of a complete setup, ready for playing.

Thanks to the complexity of the composition, this model is also useful for a beginner musician in a band that seeks to diversify its repertoire and performance. The sound is balanced and strong, a bit higher due to the size of the components, and the brand-quality membrane (Groetsch) supports the elements during fast movements.


DNA Nutrition Test Services and Why They Are So Great

Modern science has made DNA testing available not only for the purpose of establishing ancestry – many companies today have taken scientific achievements to the next level, offering them as a tool to transform our lifestyle with the help of the DNA nutrition test.

DNA tests use samples taken from an individual’s saliva, hair, skin or blood to map the person’s genetic configuration. The analysis has been widely used to establish kinship as well as for determining the illnesses that the tested individual is likely to develop and now it is used for determining the foods and the ingredients that can positively or negatively impact the person’s metabolism and with it, their body weight and overall health.

How the Testing is Done

Like any DNA test, the tests made in order to come up with the right diet also need a DNA sample. To make the process easier and more comfortable, DNA testing companies offer their clients home DNA kits with which the sample can be collected in an easy and comfortable manner, by the client, in their home. The sample is then sent to the company where it is tested for dozens of biological markers. The test results are then used for creating the nutrition plan tailored to the client’s unique genetic configuration.

dna nutrition test

What the Test Will Reveal

The DNA test performed for determining the perfect diet will reveal information related to the client’s metabolism, to the ingredients that are likely to boost or to slow down their metabolism as well as to the rate at which certain essential nutrients are absorbed. Your test will provide accurate information about your metabolic rate, the rate at which your body absorbs certain important vitamins, such as vitamin B12, C and D, data related to the metabolism of iron and Omega fatty acids, the way your body is affected by the most common stimulants, such as caffeine and alcohol, your body’s way to process dietary fat, your body’s fat-to-muscle composition as well as information pertaining to the fat gene.

Some Practical Details

The first step in the process is to order the home DNA testing kit from the company of choice. The kit that you receive will include the instruction manual with simple and easy to understand guidance, the swab that you will have to run inside your cheek to collect the sample and usually a prepaid post bag in which you have to send the swab back for testing. The analysis usually takes a few weeks and it is done with sophisticated laboratory methods. The results are evaluated by experts in genetics, nutrition, fitness and health and you will receive the results in the form of recommendations.

Some companies provide not only testing and evaluation, but further consultation with nutrition experts, personalized meal plans and home-delivered meals as well, but the price that you pay for the kit, for the testing and for the evaluation usually does not include the consultation and the prepared meals.

The diet elaborated for you with the help of the DNA nutrition test usually costs a couple of hundred dollars – not a very substantial investment, but definitely one that is worth it.

Features Shared by the Best Coffee Beans

Coffee Bean Qualities Defined

The quality of your favorite morning beverage depends on lots of different factors, such as the temperature and the quality of the water used and the method used for preparing the coffee, but what ultimately gives your beverage its flavor and aroma is the beans – here are a few features to look for if you want to select the best coffee beans.

Look for Whole Beans

When it comes to the quality of your coffee, air is the ultimate enemy of flavor, that’s why the best coffee is made from beans that are ground right before brewing, as part of the coffee making process. Coffee beans have a hard outer shell that protects the interior of the beans, the part that gives the flavor of the brew. If the beans are cracked open and smashed long before the brewing – as it is the case with pre-ground coffee – the contact with air leads to oxidation, which kills much of the flavor in your coffee. The solution: always buy beans instead of powder.

The Date of Roasting

Coffee might have a very long shelf life but it doesn’t live forever. Whenever you buy coffee beans, make sure you check the date when the beans were roasted – don’t worry, you will not get sick if you drink coffee made from beans that were roasted a long time ago, but you will not be able to enjoy the potential of your coffee beans to the fullest if they have spent too much time in the packaging. Roasted coffee beans are at their best within 4 to 14 days from the roasting, so try to buy beans of that age (the roasting date will be provided only on the packages that contain hole beans, pre-ground coffee products are more likely to have a use-by date).

The Roast Profile

The best beans are different for everyone – some of us prefer more robust flavors, while others like their coffee light. The strength of the flavor depends on the roasting method used. Espresso roasts are made to deliver the full, powerful taste that we all know, while filter roasts are made especially for the coffee filter.

Geographical Origins

The quality of your coffee is determined by the geographical area it comes from. The best coffee beans come from areas where they get sufficient humidity, sun and where they can thrive in nutrient-rich soil. The most renowned coffee producing areas and countries include Brazil, Colombia, Hawaii, Kenya, Ethiopia and Indonesia – if you really like coffee, you will surely enjoy experimenting with beans from all these different areas.


Organic coffee means not only that your beans are more flavorful and do not contain chemicals that might be harmful for your health – it also means that the cultivation process protects the environment. Organic growers use farming methods that do not disrupt the balance of the local ecosystem, technologies that do not pollute the air and the water and they also avoid the use of conventional pesticides and fertilizers. The best coffee beans are not only tasty and strong – they are also grown responsibly, so try to get organically grown beans whenever you can.

The Benefits of Ordering the Most Delicious Spiral Sliced Ham Online

Are you looking for the most delicious and overall best spiral sliced ham online? If your answer is affirmative, then you’re definitely not the only one. Spiral sliced ham has become a staple of quality and a popular holiday food that most people will consider particularly for holiday entertaining and other special events.

But what’s so special about this dish? Why do so many people consider it to be one of the tastiest meat products they can buy? And why should you consider ordering it online? We will try to answer these and many other questions below.

The Advantages of Online Purchases for Spiral Sliced Ham

Today, in the age of technology, online purchases are dominating the retail market – and lately, also the food industry. The following are just a few of the numerous benefits associated with quickly and easily making online purchases for spiral sliced ham:

  • Spiral sliced ham has a unique quality that maximizes the quality of the taste and the texture of the finished product. The specific method of slicing ham will delight you with its genuine ham flavor and healthier, water-free constitution.
  • The best hams are recommended to be served without added water, and many companies ensure this benefit in full. Without water, the ham retains its firm and tender texture, making for one of the best alternatives for holiday meats.
  • Ordering spiral sliced ham online will allow you to enjoy the convenience of getting the most delicious ham in the world without having to leave your home. If you’re based in a remote location, this solution, will allow you to enjoy a delicious smoked, bone-in, spiral sliced honey ham with the greatest of ease.
  • Aside from its spiral form, the special honey glaze is another one of the great assets associated with spiral sliced hams. Glazing the ham will give it a special constitution and a unique flavor you won’t get from any other prepared meat delicacies. Also, honey glazing and hickory smoked is one of the main secret ingredients of many spiral sliced hams.
  • Finally, the fact that you can conveniently purchase and order your spiral sliced ham online over the internet presents you with a unique opportunity when faced with having to feed a greater number of people during a holiday or special event. You can order your hams conveniently online, and get the best possible quality ham products delivered at a short notice and almost ready to serve.

The Convenience of the Hickory Baked Ham Company Ordering Process

Many companies have had decades of experience in providing clients with the best buying experience. Today, many companies have an easy process of ordering spiral sliced ham that is second to none.

To order you have to get on a farm or ham website, and enter some basic location details to find local  locations that can deliver your food for you. After choosing your specific ham products and selecting your payment method,the company will do the rest, and you can receive specialty delicious spiral sliced ham right at your doorstep.

Best Computer Tablets for Seniors – Features to Look For


Tablets today are not only suitable for replacing desktop computers by providing the same computing power and versatility – the best computer tablets for seniors are also able to accommodate the special, hearing and vision-related requirements of seniors. However, the wide range of tablets available today make the choice difficult, so here are a few aspects to consider when selecting the best tablet for senior people.

Simplified Interface


Many elderly people are reluctant to use modern technology, so in order to make usage as comfortable as can be, tablet manufacturers have come up with devices that use straightforward interfaces. These great, senior-friendly devices feature interfaces with large, easy to understand and easy to use functions and buttons and easy to understand, step-by-step videos that explain how to use the unit’s functions and features. Many tablets designed for seniors also include 24/7 integrated tech support to help users solve the problems they encounter, so these tablets are suitable for seniors with very limited or no tech skills.


Physical Features


A good tablet for seniors is large, but lightweight – the screen needs to be large because many elderly people find it difficult or uncomfortable to use small screens and it needs to be lightweight to make it easy for the owner to carry it around without causing physical pain or discomfort. Many elderly people use their tablets for watching videos and films as well as for reading newspapers, magazines and books, so going for the largest possible screen is very important for these activities as well.


Tech Features to Look for


Seniors usually use only a limited number of functions – maybe your mom likes to surf on the internet, but she will never download a new app, maybe your dad will communicate with you via video chat, but he will never send an email. When choosing the device, it is very important to take into consideration the future user’s preferences, but there are some features that are generally useful:


  • A good camera – seniors love taking pictures, so make sure you get the tablet with the best camera available. It is important for making video calls enjoyable, too;
  • Good speakers – this is also important and not only for communication. Many seniors love listening to music or to the radio and tablets are great for making these activities enjoyable, too;
  • Extended battery life – the more the unit to able to run on one charge, the better. Many seniors find it difficult to check the charging level of the battery all the time, so pay special attention to this feature.


The Platform

Before purchasing the device, try to figure out what operating system would work best. If you and your parent’s friends use Android-based devices, the tablet you get for your parent should also run on Android, but if you use units that run on iOS, make sure your parent’s device is compatible with that as well – using the same platform will make the learning curve less steep and troubleshooting easier as well.


To sum it all up, the best computer tablets for seniors are large, lightweight, the screen is bright and capable of high resolution, the speakers deliver sound that is crisp and loud and it runs on the platform that you and your parent’s peers use – if you bear these aspects in mind, you will surely make the best choice.

How to Keep Pests Away And Protect Your Garden

Pest control must always start with prophylactic measures and, in case they are not enough, we can gradually start to consider other solutions.

In the garden, pests appear as consumers and destroyers of vegetables, fruits and decorative plants; they can be phytopathogenic parasites, pathogens, insects, rodents etc. Many types of pests behave as parasites of diseased or vulnerable plants, meaning that they will first attack plants that are already weakened prior to their arrival. Causes of primary plant weakness may be stress factors such as poor local conditions or lack of nutrients. To learn how to get rid of pests, one must consider both prophylaxis and reactive “treatment”.


First of all, keeping pests away and your garden healthy is a matter of choosing plants suitable for the type of soil and climate in the area, as well as considering the requirements for each plant, in terms of metabolism and nutrient intake.

These are the most basic measures, but they must be completed with others, in order to keep the plants in your garden healthy:

  • The selection of healthy and quality varieties of plants and seeds
  • Determining the right seeding and harvesting seasons, as well as the correct application of crop maintenance operations
  • Choosing the appropriate methods of cultivating the soil
  • Applying correct and efficient soil maintenance operations, thus providing a healthy environment for the plants. These operations include, for example, good care of the humus layer, by using compost which increases the texture and the moisture level of the soil, ensuring the richness of its nutrients. The portion of the garden that remains uncultivated must be covered with a protective layer of vegetation, to avoid soil erosion. Suitable plant protection agents are cuttings resulted from mowing, such as grass or foliage
  • Besides the compost and depending on the location and the plant requirements, additional nutrients may be required. It is important to find the correct balance to keep the soil healthy and fertile in your garden, because both the lack of nutrients and the excessive intake of fertilizers can lead to different degrees of damages of the plants, fruits and vegetables, which will favor pest attacks
  • Adequate irrigation is required for the assimilation and transport of the nutrients
  • Encouraging the presence of useful organisms in the garden, by creating natural or artificial places for sheltering, wintering and nesting. These stimulant factors must be made of natural materials: holes in the logs, piles of wood, piles of stones or nests, located in areas protected from wind and precipitation.

How to get rid of pests when prophylaxis isn’t enough

If prophylaxis is not enough and you experience pest infestation in your garden, it is time to consider other options.

  • Chemical solutions (synthetic pesticides)
  • Natural, organic pesticides – Even if they are natural, pesticides can still contain substances that may be harmful to humans, so use them with care, according to the indications provided by specialists. Also, keep in mind that it is not advisable to consume the vegetables on the same day you spray the plants; when you do eat them, make sure to wash them carefully.
  • Insect traps
  • Barbed wire fences, or electric fences, to keep away wild animals
  • Traps for rodents and other small animals
  • Electronic devices

Keep these aspects in mind and you will enjoy a clean, healthy garden.

Exploring the Latest Technology in High Pressure Hose and Fittings Solutions

High pressure hose and fittings constructions and their manufacturing quality is essential to the proper function of hydraulic systems that work under pressure loads of up to 10,000 PSI. Fortunately, the latest technology in industrial hose and fittings manufacturing can make your choice of products easier than expected.

Crystal pressure fittings (CPF) are some of the most advanced types of industrial fittings currently in use. Many of them can perform well at even higher pressures than even the most expensive rubber or thermoplastic hydraulic hoses or the most durable metal and PVC fittings.

Determining the Types of Industrial Hoses You Should Use

There are many types of hydraulic hoses you can consider when it comes to high pressure industrial applications. In most cases, rubber or thermoplastic high pressure hoses are used, as their pricing ranges, safety standards and construction specifications are ideal for most projects.

When buying rubber and thermoplastic industrial hoses it’s important to make sure you stay within your allotted budget and to invest only in products that are in line with the latest SAE and DOT industry requirements.

The best types of industrial hoses are also those that exhibit a lower volumetric expansion under increased pressure for enhanced performance. Additional qualities you should look for also include a polyurethane exterior jacket for improved abrasion resistance, steel wire braid coating for added flexibility and rubber strain relief (for rubber hoses) to ensure durability and extended life.

High Pressure Fittings and Their Main Qualities

The latest high pressure fitting technologies have taken pressure resistance to the next level. 10,000 PSI is no longer the standard limit for high grade fittings, as some technologies, such as CPF, can withstand pressures of up to 1000 bar, or 15,000 PSI.

The best fittings are fully machined in stainless steel, and fitted with laser markings to indicate their fitting type, size and maximum allowed pressure value. Aside from these relatively common considerations, there are several other advantages that new technologies can offer:

•    Patented o-ring designs allow CPF fittings to create a complete leak-free seal even at 10,000 PSI, offering a viable alternative to NPT fittings.
•    New lines of BSP technologies have been developed to provide for the first time a finger-tight fitting capable of withstanding 1000 bars of pressure.
•    Fittings designed especially for rubber hydraulic hoses have also advanced in construction to a point where technologies like wire spiral reinforcement and superior corrosion resistance can offer a much higher level of resilience and durability.
•    Many new technologies focus on ensuring that any faulty or damaged components, such as o-rings, can easily be replaced if needed, without having to replace the entire fitting.
•    Interchangeable wrench-tight fittings and adapters are also available for medium pressure application.

Focusing on ease of use, the development of advanced features and the introduction of new materials and designs meant to help reinforce their structural integrity, new technologies for high pressure hose and fittings are on the right track to help industry leaders create far more resilient and reliable hydraulic systems than in the past.